David Coley

Associate Professor and Undergraduate/Associate Chair


  • BA (Connecticut College)
  • MA (Pennsylvania)
  • PhD (Maryland)


David is the author of Death and the Pearl Maiden: Plague, Poetry, England (Ohio State UP, 2019), which considers submerged discourses of plague in fourteenth-century English poetry, especially the poems of MS Cotton Nero A.x. His earlier book, The Wheel of Language: Representing Speech in Middle English Poetry, 1377-1422 (Syracuse UP, 2012), posits the representation of the spoken word within later medieval English poetry as a powerful and efficacious act, one through which writers both critiqued and created the social, political, and religious realities of their age. David’s articles have appeared in Studies in the Age of Chaucer, The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, The Chaucer Review, Exemplaria, Glossator, and Florilegium. He is currently preparing an edition of John Clerk of Whalley’s Destruction of Troy for the Middle English Texts Series. David is curently Undergraduate/Associate Chair.


Future courses may be subject to change.

Published Books