Michael Everton

Associate Professor and Undergraduate/Associate Chair


  • BA (James Madison)
  • MA (Tennessee)
  • PhD (North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Michael Everton studies eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American literature and book history with a focus on authorship, publishing, intellectual property, ethics, and economics. He is the editor of Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor (An Inside Narrative) (Broadview, 2016) and the author of The Grand Chorus of Complaint: Authors and the Business Ethics of American Publishing (Oxford UP, 2011), an account of the moral economies of U.S. literary production between 1776 and 1870. Current research includes a new book, Honour among Thieves: Intellectual Property outside the Law, a study of the “negative space” of Victorian American copyright law and the norms governing that space, and an article on the literary historiography of New England witchcraft, a topic on which he’ll offer a 400-level course in Fall 2018. Michael also regularly teaches courses on everything from the business of literature to poetry to horror writing to all things Melville, including a fourth-year seminar on Moby-Dick. He is currently Undergraduate Chair and oversees the department’s honors program.


Future courses may be subject to change.

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