Italy Field School

The convergence of intellectual and artistic change and the new energetic urbanism of the post-pestilence West appeared first and most strikingly in Italy. This burst of new ideas and activity was spurred on by the devastation of the Black Death, an event one historian called "the closest thing to a complete rupture" in the history of the world.

The goal of this field school's academic program will be to acquaint students with some of the major achievements in literature and art of humanists from and in Italy, in the centuries just before and just after the chief outbreaks of plague in mid-fourteenth century. The works themselves demand our attention. What their creation reveals about the resilience and determination, the capacity for change, of a culture that has endured catastrophic loss is even more important to consider.

Students will study these works along with the history of these times with the aim of relating developments in different disciplines to each other as well as to their economic, political and demographic contexts.

Field School Director: Dr. Anne Higgins <>

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