Expectations of Supervisors and Students

  • All graduate students should meet with their supervisors or advisors at least three times each semester.
  •  If the senior supervisor is to be away from campus for more than a month, they should inform the GPC and arrange for another member of the supervisory committee to meet with the student.
  • It is the student's responsibility to take the initiative in setting up a schedule of meetings.
  • The senior supervisor should normally respond to work submitted by graduate students within a three week period.
  • All students engaged in research (890 / 899) should give the supervisor a written report on their research at the end of every semester. 
  • Students who are actually engaged in writing and submitting chapters of their work to their supervisor are not required to submit an additional written report, but if they have not submitted any written work to the supervisor, they should report on their work in progress.
  • Students doing research toward their thesis should indicate any digressions in the proposed research or shifts in focus.
  • Students may make changes to their supervisory committee in cases where such changes are appropriate. For instance, the development of a more refined topic may indicate that a different faculty member would be more appropriate for the committee. Changes made for any reason must be formally approved by the graduate program committee and the dean of graduate studies.
  • Every year, at the end of the spring semester, supervisors must complete a PhD Progress Report Form.

NOTE: The Graduate Secretary has information on Guidelines for Faculty / Student Relations.