Guidelines for Preparation of PhD Theses and MA Theses

What follows is a list of student responsibilities in preparation for the thesis defence.


The "Approval of Examining Committee" form with attached abstract and C.V. of external examiner must be approved and sent to the Assistant Director - Graduate Studies in the Office of the Registrar no less than one month prior to the proposed examination date. For PhD students, the exam date must be no less than two months from the date of recommendation of the examining committee.



All this information should be given to the graduate chair in writing.
The student should meet with the senior supervisor and agree on the date and time for the defence. This must be done at least six weeks before the defence for MA students and eight weeks before defence for PhD candidates. Be sure to leave enough time between the defence date and the deadline for submitting a corrected thesis to the library.

The senior supervisor determines who the external will be, contacts them to set the time and day of defence, and obtains biographical information (date and institutions where degrees obtained, current rank, research area, and most recent publications for MA thesis examiner and full C.V. for PhD examiner).


PREPARATION OF THESIS - Regulations and Guidelines
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ABSTRACT: Please ensure the abstract is approved by the senior supervisor before it is submitted to the graduate chair. The abstract must be in the approved format and must accompany the thesis.


COPIES OF THESIS: Copies of the thesis can be generated through computing services and can be photocopied in central duplicating.


DISTRIBUTION OF THESIS TO COMMITTEE: For MAs, the completed thesis must be distributed to the members of the examining committee no later than two weeks before the exam date. For PhDs, the completed thesis must be distributed to members of the examining committee no later than six weeks before the exam date. Please note: The graduate secretary requires a copy of the completed thesis. The Department of English will pay for courier service. The thesis should not be sent to the external examiner until the examining committee has been approved.

Once the thesis has been examined and revised, the Department of English requires the original, plus two copies of the thesis (one for the department and two for the library). Students are required to pay for photocopying and binding the thesis.