2020 Cohort
Semester Course
Summer 2020 Intersession  ENGL 880: Pro-Seminar I
Instructor: Sophie McCall
Summer 2020 ENGL 834: Studies in Twentieth Century Literature
Instructor: David Chariandy
Fall 2020 ENGL 844: Indigenous Literature 1
Instructor: Sophie McCall
Spring 2021 ENGL 870-A: Indigenous Literature 2
Instructor: June Scudeler
Summer 2021
ENGL 881: Pro-Seminar 2 (Research Methods and Methodologies)
Instructor: Ronda Arab
Summer 2021
ENGL 829: Shakespeare
Instructor: Ronda Arab
Fall 2021 ENGL 870-B: Topics in Academic Research and Knowledge Mobilization 
Instructor: Deanna Reder
Spring 2022 ENGL 851: Studies in Popular Literature and Culture
Instructor: Stephen Collis
Spring 2022 ENGL 891: MA Paper or Project