List of All Sessions

IONA Sessions: Seminars, Labs, and Workshops

IONA will be running three types of sessions in one hour and forty-five minute blocks. Seminars will run in two or three blocks over two or three days and invite participants to commit and contribute before the conference. Labs and workshops will mostly run for one or two blocks, mostly on a single day. Labs and workshops may also invite participants to contribute or commit beforehand, but some will not. All sessions will be open to registered conference attendees.

See CFP page for calls.


The Contemporary Medieval: Critical and Creative Methods, Practices, and Environments
            Organizers: Josh Davies, Clare A. Lees, Gillian R. Overing

Inclusive Pedagogies in Medieval Studies
            Organizers: Marjorie Housley, Courtney Barajas

Theorizing Bodies and Minds
            Organizers: Rachel Anderson, Marjorie Housley, Kristen Mills, Erin Sweany

Moving the North Atlantic Beyond IONA
            Organizers: Mary Rambaran-Olm, Nahir Otaño-Gracia, Valerie M. Wilhite

From Fibre to Decorated Textiles in the Early North Atlantic: Making, Methods, Meanings (workshop/seminar)
            Organizer: Alexandra Makin

We’re All Migrants: What Now? Borders and Indigeneity in the Early Middle Ages and Today
            Organizers: Dongwon Esther Kim, Kathryn Maude

(Re)constructing History through Landscape and Practice
            Organizers: Pamela O’Neill, Jay Johnston

Decolonizing Early Medieval Sovereignties
            Organizers: Mo Pareles, Robert Rouse, Wallace Cleaves

Revisiting Archives
            Organizers: Mary Kate Hurley, Jordan Zweck


Unexpected Islands
            Organizer: Jeremy DeAngelo

New Materialism, Old English
            Organizer: Jaqueline Fay

Re-voicing the Cross-cultural Networks of the North Atlantic Archipelagos: Modern and Contemporary Women’s Perspectives
            Organizers: Fran Allfrey, Francesca Brooks, Beth Whalley

Northern Osmosis: Literary Viscosity as Material Solidarity
            Organizers: Sarah-Nelle Jackson, C. Elizabeth Rosch, Scott Russell

Teaching the Middle Ages of the North Atlantic Outside the R1
            Organizers: Jay Paul Gates, Brian T. O’Camb

The Affordances of Seascapes: (Re)situating Island Monasteries
            Organizers: Ryan Lash, Adrian Maldonado, David Petts


What are the Best Practices for the Evolving, 21st Century Job Market?
            Organizers: Georgia Henley, Joey McMullen

Celtic Pedagogies
            Organizer: Matthieu Boyd

Introductory Masterclass on Old and Middle Irish for Beginners
            Organizers: Joey McMullen, Georgia Henley

Introductory Masterclass on Middle Welsh for Beginners
            Organizers: Georgia Henley, Joey McMullen

Decentering Whiteness in Medieval Texts, in the Field and the Classroom
            Organizers: Mary Rambaran-Olm, Nahir Otaño-Gracia, Valerie M. Wilhite

Insular Latin Paleography
            Organizer: Lane Springer

Inscription and Textual Objects
            Organizer: Elaine Treharne

Animal Studies: Field Methods
            Organizer: Donna Beth Ellard