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The People and the Text: Dr. Deanna Reder

October 03, 2016

The People and the Text is a 5-year research project, part of The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC). The CWRC is an online project "designed to enable unprecedented avenues for studying the words that most move people in and about Canada."

The People and the Text connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and students through the creation of an online annotated-bibliography of Indigenous texts from the beginning of Indigenous literacy in English or in English translation to 1992. 

This project has four key aims:

  • To establish open-access to an annotated bibliography of Indigenous texts.
  • Create regular forums and training workshops to investigate models of supportive, ethical, responsible, and community responsive research.
  • Establish a manual on Indigenous Research Methods and Protocols for Literary Scholars.
  • Build a collaborative literary history of multi-genre Indigenous texts.
We look forward to hearing more about this exciting project!

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