The English Network is undergoing a substantial redesign. Please direct any inquiries to David Coley at, the dedicated email address for the network.


Welcome to The English Network, the SFU English Department’s career mentorship program for students.

Over 100 graduates of our department have generously made themselves available to meet with current and recently graduated English students. These alumni are available for one or more of the following: informational interviews, interview and resume advice, networking with other professionals, job shadowing, and internships.

This program helps to address that “What do I do next?” anxiety that all students feel as they approach graduation, giving you the opportunity to connect with someone who has been in your shoes before and has found a path to a successful and satisfying career. Just as it is untrue that students with degrees in business or health sciences will stroll from SFU right into a lucrative career, it is untrue that there are no careers for students in the arts and social sciences. On the contrary, our English alumni have careers in law, environmental activism, professional and creative writing, all levels of education and educational administration, journalism, social media, game design, health care, politics, the performing arts, marketing, public relations, work in the non-profit sector, and many other fields. We encourage all English students to participate in this unique and valuable program.