• How do I access the list of alumni, and how do I choose whom to contact?
  1. To access the list of English Network alumni, contact Kathryn Ward, the Undergraduate Advisor. She will ask you to sign an agreement stating that you have read the expectations, and will then authorize you to access the website.
  2. On the site, you can view the participants’ names, photos, contact information, personal and professional biographies, and the types of mentorship they are willing to provide. In some cases, clicking on the person’s name will take you to a LinkedIn profile. Alumni are listed both alphabetically and by profession. Those whose careers transcend single categories will appear under more than one profession.
  3. You can choose an alumnus based upon a recommendation from another student, or you can browse the professions that interest you, taking note of what sorts of mentorship each person is willing to provide, their availability, their location, etc.