Welcome Dr. Shawn Chartrand

August 14, 2019

Dr. Shawn Chartrand has joined the School of Environmental Science. He will be teaching in the Ecological Restoration program.

Dr. Chartrand is a geophysical and environmental scientist. His research focuses on how rivers form and co-evolve with landscapes. He has particular interest in mountain rivers and cold regions of the Arctic. Shawn uses field campaigns, physical experiments and theory development to address basic research questions. He applies his research to improve how professional scientists approach and develop river restoration plans, including the removal of dams.

Dr. Chartrand was a NSERC funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University and completed his PhD in Physical Geography at UBC.

Dr. Chartrand was in the in the Arctic studying the effects of climate change on landscape and river adjustments due to a loss of permafrost through higher seasonal air temperatures.