Your requirements for your program are based on when you declared your environmental science program. If you have questions, please contact the academic advisor.

If you are a current student who started after Fall 2017, you can use the Academic Requirement function on to run your Academic Progress Report. This report will show you what courses you have left. The report is an unofficial document and is used as an advising tool.

You can also view your requirements on the SFU Calendar. You can change to “view Archived Terms” to find your requirements from the year that you declared your program.

Your Degree

Please note: Each student is responsible for ensuring that their academic choices meet the requirements for graduation. All requirements are outlined in the SFU Calendar. The SFU Calendar is considered the authority for official information, therefore students should refer to the calendar for information pertaining to Program Requirements, including course prerequisites. 

Departmental and faculty advisors and staff are available to give advice and guidance. However, the student has ultimate responsibility for completeness and correctness of course selection, for compliance with and completion of the program and degree requirements, and for observance of regulations and deadlines.

Students apply to graduate during their final term and can find information on how to apply at Convocation.

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