All students complete common core Environmental Science (EVSC) courses each year, which develop key knowledge and skills such as writing, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. EVSC core courses facilitates the formation of an Environmental Science cohort group of students who progress through the program together, providing opportunities for idea exchange, team-building, friendship and networking during their studies. 

EVSC 100-3: Introduction to Environmental Science (First Year)

Introduces students to the study of environmental science.  Lecture material spans contributing disciplines, emphasizing integration of diverse concepts to understand environmental problems.  Tutorials develop core academic skills in environmental science context.  Breadth-Science.

  • Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer 

EVSC 201W-4: Environmental Science in Practice (Second Year)

A survey of environmental science practice that exposes students to what environmental scientists do, with guest lectures from environmental scientists and practitioners across contributing disciplines and workplaces.  Coursework emphasizes literature research, analysis and synthesis along with scientific writing and communication skills.  Writing  (Prerequisite: EVSC 100)

  • Offered in Fall

EVSC 300-3: Seminar in Environmental Science (Third Year)

Provides Environmental Science students the opportunity to investigate an environmental science topic in depth, through lecture and bi-weekly guest speakers from diverse sectors (academia, government, industry and NGOs).  (Prerequisite: EVSC 201W)

  • Offered in Fall, Spring

EVSC 305-3: Methods in Environmental Science (Third Year)

Introduces EVSC students to lab and field methods used in the study of Environmental Science.  (Prerequisite: EVSC 201W)

  • Offered in Spring

EVSC 400-4: Environmental Science Capstone (Fourth Year)

In the final year of undergraduate study, students from all Environmental Science concentrations will integrate their disciplinary, science backgrounds to solve environmental problems.  Project-based coursework will promote collaborative group work, emphasizing research skills, data analysis, scientific writing and communication, preparing students for employment as Environmental Scientists.  (Prerequisite: EVSC 300 and EVSC 305)

EVSC 490-4: Environmental Science Thesis (Honours Program)

Independent research on an environmental science topic, undertaken under the supervision of SFU faculty with the permission of the EVSC Director.  (Prerequisite: EVSC 305, 90 units, and consent of the Director)

  • Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer