Librarian and Archivist Faculty


Librarians are principally responsible for: selecting, organizing, managing, and ensuring access to information; providing consulting and teaching services; developing and maintaining the Library‚Äôs collection and information systems; and contributing to Library projects and initiatives, in support of the research, teaching and learning activities of the University. 


Archivists are principally responsible for: the appraisal, acquisition, description, preservation and dissemination of those records that document the evolution of the powers, organizational structure, programs, policies, decisions, functions and history of the University. Archivists advise on the creation, maintenance and disposition of university records as well as on the protection of and access to personal and confidential information captured in them. Archivists provide a public reference service that respects legal and policy requirements as well as ethical principles. Archivists further acquire nonuniversity records from individuals and organizations that support the research, teaching and community functions of the University. 



Checklist for Archivist Appointments     Jul 4/18

Checklist for Librarian-Archivist Faculty Appointments - Chair Recommendation for Hire Package     Jul 4/18

Recommendation for Appointment - Librarian and Archivist Faculty

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 36: Librarian and Archivist Faculty 

Letter of Agreement 1: Librarians and Archivists

Letter of Agreement 2: Librarian Salary Adjustments


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