37.18 A Term Appointment may be made where there is need for the temporary employment of a Practitioner Faculty member and/or where only temporary or contingent funding is available. The term of appointment will be up to five years. Term appointments may be renewed for a further term of at least two years, but renewals beyond five years or successive appointments totaling more than five years (with no breaks in service of over four months) require approval of the Association.

37.19 Where a term appointment is below 50% of full time or more than 50% externally funded, approval of the Association as per Article 37.18 is not required, but the Association will be provided notice of the extension.

37.20 Where a Term Practitioner Faculty Member will have been employed in a term position of at least 50% for four years (subject to Article 37.19 above), the Department will, prior to the end of the fourth year, determine whether there is a continuing need for the position. If a continuing need is identified, a position will be created (subject to budgetary approval).

Checklist for Term Practitioner Faculty Appointments 

Offer Letter Template for Term Practitioner Faculty 

Recommendation for Appointment Form     Jun 27/22

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 37: Practitioner Faculty (sections 37.18 to 37.23)

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