Promotion from Lab Instructor to Lecturer

Promotion from Laboratory Instructor to Lecturer is not common as their numbers are relatively small compared to other faculty ranks at  the university.

The timeline is the same as that for Lecturer to Senior Lecturer cases:

There is no set year when Laboratory Instructors must go up for promotion to Lecturer, so Lab Instructors should discuss with their Chair/Director or TPC the evolution of their duties and whether they might now meet the threshold for promotion to Lecturer as outlined in the collective agreement (as follows):

35.4 A Laboratory Instructor may apply for promotion to Lecturer where:

35.4.1 a substantial proportion of their permanent duties has become the full responsibility for the instruction of courses, including laboratory courses;

35.4.2 they demonstrate ability and commitment to teaching.


A “substantial portion” would imply a portfolio that is looking more and more like that of a Lecturer. In other words, they would have become more independent, and have outgrown their responsibilities as a Lab Instructor.


What should the promotion submission include?

  • Laboratory teaching dossier
  • Summary of activities (or curriculum vitae update)
  • Any relevant material the candidates feels would strengthen their case to become a Lecturer (role defined below).



35.10 A Lecturer will have full responsibility for the preparation and instruction of courses, including laboratory courses, and for curriculum development.

35.11 A Lecturer should show:

35.11.1 evidence of ability and commitment to teaching;

35.11.2 evidence of promise of educational leadership;

35.11.3 involvement in service to the academic profession, to the University, or to the community as appropriate.


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.