Tenure and Promotion Committees

Details of Membership found in sections 29.1 to 29.16, including Chair, Election/Ratification, Approval. TPC members serve one year, April 15 to April 14. TPC Chairs normally hold three-year terms

TPC Alternate Members

The role of the alternate member may be relevant as there is one teaching-only member on the TPC, so the alternate role may be crucial if the former is unavailable. All TPCs now must have teaching-only faculty representation. So, if that member is unavailable for whatever reason, the other person must substitute to the conclusion of the consideration for that particular cases.

Election of Alternates

Normally, the "first runner-up" gets to be the alternate. If the vote is for 1 regular and 1 alternate candidate, voters get to choose 2 candidates and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes is elected to the regular position; the runner-up to the alternate position. In a case where a candidate has expressed an interest to run as an Alternate, this is allowed and in the case of only one candidate who wished to run as an Alternate, that person would be declared elected by acclamation. 

NOTE: The normal rules regarding rank and gender don't apply to the alternate. 

TPC alternates would attend meetings in the following situations:

a) A TPC member is disqualified from considering a case due to a conflict of interest or reasonable apprehension of bias. The alternate substitutes for the member for the consideration of that case only.

b) A TPC member becomes seriously ill (not just a minor, temporary illness) or is otherwise unable to continue serving and the work of the committee is at an early-enough state so that they can participate fully.


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