Volunteering for the Movement

If you are interested in sustainability, international development, ethical purchasing, or supply chains, becoming a part of the Fair Trade movement is a perfect fit for you. Fair Trade is both an intimate and global community. We all know each other! As a Fair Trade volunteer in Canada you’ll find it easy to make connections with other Fair Trade organizations and volunteers all over the world and you will become a part of an active community working towards making a positive difference in the world.

Fair Trade exists because the terms of trade in the global market are unfair and leave producers vulnerable. Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on fairer partnerships between producers and retailers. Through Fair Trade, producers receive a minimum price, improved working conditions, and a social premium that helps them reinvest in their communities.

This system can’t function and succeed without consumers also understanding what Fair Trade is and how it works. Fair Trade is a demand-based system. This means the more Fair Trade products we buy in the north, the more Fair Trade cooperatives can sell. This is where Fair Trade volunteers support the system.

As Fair Trade volunteers you are teaching consumers about Fair Trade so that they understand why and how it is important to purchase Fair Trade products. You are supporting producers by working towards increasing the demand for Fair Trade so that the movement can continue to grow.