Team led by Dr. Beg is awarded $1.5M for Alzheimer's Research

November 26, 2014

A team of researchers from SFU, UBC, and McGill University, led by Dr. Faisal Beg, became one of five awardees of the British Columbia Alzheimer's Research Award Program.

The $1.5 million award is part of the joint $7.5 million fund put together by Brain Canada, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Genome British Columbia, and The Pacific Alzheimer Research Foundation.

Dr.  Beg  and  his  team aim  to  develop  a  new  retina  imaging  device  using  laser  light  that could  lead  to  an  inexpensive,  non‐invasive  and  widely  deployable  retina  exam  that  could be  used  to  screen  individuals  on  a  regular  basis  for  the  earliest  signs  of  amyloid  in  the retina  indicative  of  Alzheimer’s.

For more detail, please see the SFU News article, and Brain Canada Press Release.