Fall 2021 Information for Students in the Faculty of Applied Sciences (CMPT, ENSC, MSE, SEE)

Planning is underway to support a safe, equitable and supportive return to campus this September. Use the buttons below to navigate information provided on this page to help FAS students return to in-person activities at SFU. This information is for September 2021 onwards; until then, current safety plans are in effect.

Please visit SFU's Return to Campus website for the latest updates on the university's plan for the Fall 2021 semester.


The following courses will be delivered remotely. Please check goSFU for course schedules and view the course outlines for additional details.

Additional information and resources:

Undergraduate courses

  • CMPT 115 D100
  • CMPT 120 D100, D200, D300, D400
  • CMPT 275 E100
  • CMPT 361 D100
  • CMPT 363 E200
  • CMPT 454 D100
  • CMPT 469 D100
  • CMPT 475 E100
  • ENSC 427 D200
  • ENSC 477 D100
  • MSE 402 D100
  • MSE 491 D100

Graduate courses

  • CMPT 767 G100
  • CMPT 982 G200
  • ENSC 802 G100
  • ENSC 895 G100
  • MSE 894 G100
  • SEE 896 G100
  • SEE 897 G100




Can I come to campus even if I am not vaccinated?
It is recommended that everyone gets vaccinated if they are able to. There is no requirement to be vaccinated before coming to campus but if you are not vaccinated please take extra caution and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols.

How will I know who in my class has been vaccinated? Will I be asked to share my vaccination status?
There is no requirement to be vaccinated before coming to campus, and students will not be asked to disclose their personal vaccination status. However, the university recommends everyone to get vaccinated if you are able to.


What is the university doing to enhance cleaning and disinfection?
Increased cleaning measures will be in place. Hand sanitizer stations will be available on campus for students to use. The sanitizer stations will be placed in high traffic areas, at building/classroom entrances, and near eating areas. 


What support is available to students who need to self-isolate due to exposure to the COVID-19 virus?
The COVID Assistance and Remote Engagement Support (CARES) program provides students with a safe and supportive environment to meet the necessary Public Health self-isolation guidelines: www.sfu.ca/students/support/self-isolation/cares-program


Which courses will be offered in person?
Approximately 70-80 percent of courses will be offered in person. We are currently finalizing the course in-person offerings for the Fall 2021 semester. The final schedule will be visible on goSFU by June 28.

What safety measures will be in place for classes that typically have a large number of students?
Classes have been scheduled using a density-based approach. Where possible, larger classes were put in rooms with a greater occupancy than required (for example a 200-person class in a 300-person room) to decrease the density in the area. Students in large classes are also encouraged to wear masks and to sit in the same area or around the same people for each lecture.

What lab access will students have?
In Fall 2021 all lab access must be scheduled. There will be no drop-in or open labs. Courses with remote sections will offer remote labs in order to accommodate students unable to attend in person.

Will courses still be recorded?
Audio capture of lectures will be encouraged, and where technologically feasible, video/content recording as well.

If the delivery mode of my course (in-person/virtual) hasn’t been announced yet, when will I know?
The final schedule will be visible on goSFU by June 28.

Will there be flexibility on assignments and exams this term as we are transitioning back to in-person?
Instructors have been asked to create flexibility in assignments completion and evaluations. However, this will be determined by each instructor who will assess the learning outcomes of each specific course. 

I don’t feel safe going to an in-person course, what are my options?
No accommodation is expected to be made for students that enroll for courses with in-person components if they are unable to attend except as per our normal required accommodations based on assessments by SFU’s Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) or minor absences associated with illness, etc.

I am a student who is immunocompromised and I do not feel safe coming to campus for in-person classes, what do I do?
We anticipate delivering a selection of courses or course sections remotely in order to accommodate students who are unable to come to campus. FAS students please contact asadvise@sfu.ca to discuss your situation.

Can we choose to do the online version of the course if there is an online version of the course?
We anticipate delivering a selection of courses or course sections remotely in order to accommodate students who are unable to come to campus. Priority will be given to students who are unable to return to the lower mainland and student who have serious health issues. FAS students please contact asadvise@sfu.ca to discuss your situation. 


What kind of safe in-person social events will be offered for students?
There will be some in-person events offered for students. Upcoming events will be communicated via email, newsletters and posted on the FAS advising page: www.sfu.ca/fas/current-student/advising

I feel afraid about anti-Asian racism with the return to campus, what do I do?
Discrimination is not tolerated by the university. Please refer to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for support: www.sfu.ca/students/studentsupport

Will physical distancing be occurring in the classrooms?  Will there be partitions?
The university strives to maintain a safe level of student density in and around the classroom. This will include installation of barriers in certain areas and a careful investigation of ventilation in teaching spaces so they meet health standards.

I’m worried that with all the construction on campus it will be difficult to avoid crowds (with the scaffolding and redirections) and that there won’t be adequate air circulation in some areas. What is the university doing about that?
SFU Facilities Services is assessing the HVAC systems in buildings/rooms on campus to determine they meet the required ASHRAE standard.


Where can I find resources to support my health and wellness?

I am experiencing some mental health challenges. How can I access counselling services at SFU?
Please visit the Health and Counselling website for information on how to access counselling services at SFU: www.sfu.ca/students/health/see-a-counsellor


I am having trouble coming to Canada due to study permit issues, how can I access my in-person course?
In Fall 2021, remote course sections will be made available for students who are unable to attend in-person. This is to provide students who are not located in the Greater Vancouver Area time to relocate and get their permits where applicable.

I am a new or returning SFU student who is currently outside of Canada. Where can I find information about travelling to Canada during the pandemic?
Please see this guide to help you plan your trip to Canada: www.sfu.ca/students/isap/international-faq-covid19/self-isolation-guide

Where can I find support for international students?


Will SFU Student Housing be available? At full capacity?
Please contact the SFU Residence and Housing for information: www.sfu.ca/students/residences


Will my SFU U-Pass be affected if I take virtual classes? Does everyone have the same U-Pass privileges?
You can find information on the SFU U-Pass here: www.sfu.ca/students/upass/eligibility

Will there be options for virtual services still available (example: advising)
Yes, FAS will still offer virtual advising for students. You can see our advising schedule here: www.sfu.ca/fas/current-student/advising