Connect with Your Support Teams

The 2019 FAS Competition challenged Faculty of Applied Sciences students to build sustainably-designed “eco-bots” that are capable of sorting organic and non-organic waste.

Support Services for Students

To ensure your success, SFU and the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) offer a diverse range of services that will support you from today to graduation and beyond.

FAS Academic Advisor

This is your first point of contact at FAS. Learn about admissions and which program may suit you best. Your advisor can also help you avoid falling into academic difficulty.

FAS Engagement Coordinator

Our engagement coordinator will help you develop skills beyond the classroom.

FAS Health and Wellness Coordinator

Our in-house expert helps students access a wide range of SFU services to support mental health and well-being.

FAS Scholarship Coordinator

Our dedicated scholarship coordinator will help you navigate through all of the financial awards available to students.

FAS TechConnect

This first-year cohort mentorship program helps you transition from high school to university.


Entrepreneurial Support

SFU has programs to help you develop your idea into a working company. These include the Technology Entrepreneurship program and access to startup accelerators and business incubators.

FAS Co-op Coordinator

From day one we match you with a personal co-op coordinator who helps tailor your career journey.

Industry and Networking Events

Throughout the year you will have opportunities to connect with industry members and meet with employers.

SFU Student Learning Commons

Build your writing, learning and studying skills with peers in a friendly and collaborative environment.


FAS Tutors

Peer-to-peer support is available through many of our classes.