Canadian hybrid prototype car debuts

January 07, 2010

Assistant Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Majid Bahrami, has teamed up with Maple Ridge-based Future Vehicle Technologies (FVT) to develop one of Canada’s first hybrid prototype cars called the eVaro, which was unveiled in January in Maple Ridge.

Dr. Bahrami specializes in energy management and sustainable energy. When FVT needed help resolving lithium-ion battery thermal issues, they approached Dr. Bahrami at a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Conference in 2009. Ever since then, Dr. Bahrami’s research has supported the development of this practical hybrid prototype that relies on both battery and gas.  

The eVaro is part of the new generation of hybrids, which offers the option to recharge more powerful batteries with a common household electric socket. It’s unique because it can drive completely on electric battery power without using gasoline for 200 km at highway speed. Once the batteries are depleted, eVaro’s generator kicks in, keeps the car at highway speed and charges the batteries at the same time to lengthen their life. Eventually, when the battery does run out, the car will use gas to continue operating. The battery and electric motor help to lower fuel consumption compared to combustion engines.

The eVaro’s prototype hybrid and electric vehicle technology were developed completely in Canada. For Dr. Bahrami and his team, the next research area they will tackle is using electrodes for energy management in hybrid electrical vehicles.

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