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School of Engineering Science

Siri Dhillon, Computer Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Sirpreet Kaur Dhillon but mostly I go by the nickname, Siri. I first moved to Vancouver in September of 2016 from India to pursue higher education in Engineering Science at SFU. From then till now, I have been involved at SFU through volunteer opportunities such as outreach and through clubs like Women in Engineering (WiE), Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Vex Robotics, etc. FAS SFU has given me the precious network of students, faculty, and profs. along with the opportunity to explore. And now I would love to help you explore Faculty of Applied Science at SFU by sharing my experience and network by chatting and answering your questions!


Danielle Arciaga, Sustainable Energy Engineering Intended

Hello! My name is Danielle Arciaga and I am a 2nd year student in Engineering Science at SFU. The Faculty of Applied Science (FAS) has so many clubs for every program and every interest. And if the club for you isn't there, you can always start your own! I have found myself drawn to Women in Engineering (WiE). Here, I am the Vice President of Internal Relations where I am in charge of all the activities that take place within the group. Together, we plan events such as networking nights and our outreach program that also branches out to high schools. When I was in high school, I hadn't realized the opportunities that exist in Applied Sciences for those passionate about medicine, biology, and helping others. Now, I hope to be able to share my experiences with you, explore the world of applied sciences and help make your transition into university a little easier!


Sheetal Puri, Systems Engineering

I am Sheetal, a 3rd year engineering student at SFU. I am studying Systems engineering in which we do a combination of Electronics and Computer engineering. Systems engineering offers a wide range of job options such as embedded system, image processing, software design etc. But my favorite out of all the options is robotics. I would love to work in this field in the future and build robots. Hopefully not the kind that take over the world in an AI apocalypse. I have built a mini robotic arm in the past, and I am currently working on a tracking bot that helps Astronomers track celestial objects in the night sky. I started volunteering at several events in my 2nd year at SFU and it really helped build my confidence and introduced me to many great opportunities.


Arvin Amini, Biomedical Engineering

Hi everyone, my name is Arvin Amini and I'm third-year biomedical engineering student at SFU. Beside normal school routine, I have been involved in different student clubs. I'm the founder and president of the SFU Robot Soccer Club and I took some parts in Engineering Science Student Society. I will be more than happy to share my experience at Faculty of Applied Sciences with you and show you around campus. Looking forward to seeing you!

School of Computing Science

Maddy Soleimanian, Bioinformatics

Hello, I’m a fourth-year student in the Bioinformatics program, which is a joint major between computing science, molecular biology and biochemistry. SFU has helped me understand what it takes to become a successful developer and I have had ample opportunities to share my expereinces through various student clubs. Furthermore, I have gained a real life insight through a 8-month co-op at ICBC. I’m looking forward to share my experiences with you and answer any questions you might have.


Shayna Grose, Computing Science

Hi! My name is Shayna Grose and I am a 2nd year Computing Science student at SFU. I particularly love math, and am hoping to get a Mathematics and Computing Science Joint Major. The Faculty of Applied Science at SFU has many different options available; there is a program for everyone! I hope that as a Student Ambassador I able to encourage and inspire students of all backgrounds to explore the applied sciences. I would love to share about my experiences and answer any questions you have!


Kunal Gulati, Computing Science, Business Certificate

Hey! I am a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science with a Business Innovation Certificate. Extensive resources available at SFU helped me find my passion while providing me with opportunities to make a positive impact on society. Doing a co-op as a Software Developer, and an exchange semester in Sweden at Uppsala University, encouraged me to push beyond my limits to enhance both my tech and entrepreneurial skills. I look forward to sharing my story and answering your questions regarding SFU and Faculty of Applied Sciences.


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