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What do English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Linguistics have in common? They are only a handful of the nearly 30 areas of study at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), making us SFU’s largest faculty. As a FASS student, you’ll have the ability to combine programs in your area of interest, make connections and develop the skills you need for an exciting, successful and fulfilling life and career. Learn about our departments and programs.

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What is FASS?

  • As the oldest, largest, and most diverse faculty at SFU, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a rich history with an even more promising future.
  • Home to a range of highly ranked programs, FASS’s unique program options allow for degrees that teach you to widen your perspectives and help you develop skills that will enrich your learning experience.
  • While fields in the arts and social sciences are distinct, they often overlap and complement each other. Being able to study both under one degree means you can explore what you’re passionate about with no limitations.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of our faculty allows students to explore their interests and strengths as well as discover new ones along the way.

Why study in FASS?

We offer the most diverse array of topics available in any faculty at SFU, all of which complement each other well. We believe that interdisciplinary study prepares you for the complexities of life beyond your post secondary education.  

Set yourself up for success with our 27 departments, schools and programs and 1,200 courses. Choose those that spark your interest and excite you, then study what you love.

Here are four of our most popular and sought after areas of study at FASS. For even more, visit our YouTube page.


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The deadline to submit your application is January 31, 2020.


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What do students have to say about FASS?

Our students are change-makers. They say that they've sharpened their critical thinking and came out of our programs more resilient, and equipped for their dream careers and lives. Here are some stories you can read to learn about their experiences first hand:


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