COVID-19 information for FASS faculty, staff and students

Last update: Friday, September 11, 2020

This page is to share FASS-specific information and safety plans. For university-specific information, please visit SFU's FAQs page on COVID-19.

FASS Safety Plan

* FASS-Safety-Plan.pdf
FASS Safety Plan, September 3, 2020

Application to work on campus

Any FASS member who wants to access a campus location or conduct in-person university-related activities needs to apply through the access system for FASS:

Responsibilities of FASS employees:

  • Anyone planning to enter one of SFU campuses or conducting in-person university activities needs to complete an online Canvas training module and upload the completion certificate when submitting the request.  
  • The BC Restart Plan mandates daily screening of faculty, staff and students at post-secondary institutions. The current guidance is that this may take the form of faculty and staff self-identifying that it is safe for them to return to work. The BC Self-Assessment Tool may be used for this purpose.
  • A maximum occupancy sign must be posted on your door once you have been approved, also on individual offices or spaces.
  • Posting and contact information:
  • For labs, the approved safety plan must be posted in the space.
  • Post the FASS safety plan on the departmental webpage.
  • Provide a contact person for requests of lab and course safety plans.  The lab and course safety plans must be provided upon request.  
  • The course safety plan must be shared with all students in a course, TAs and instructors.
  • Employees should report safety concerns and hazards to their supervisors or to the relevant Local Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • Failure to comply with the safety plan and/or failure to provide adequate accommodation can be reported to: Mary-Ellen Kelm, Associate Dean, FASS ( or to the relevant Local Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Failure to comply with provincial and university health and safety guidelines will result in revoked access to workspaces.

This safety plan may be revised at any time to reflect additional regulatory requirements and following SFU’s COVID-19 impact scale at the time.

Students and equipment

Students who need to come to campus to pick up equipment required to complete their courses may do so without F2F approval, provided that:

  • they have completed the online Canvas training module
  • pick-ups are scheduled in advance and
  • pick-ups can occur safely under the department’s local safety plan