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Zaslove, Jerry (English, Humanities)

Jerald "Jerry" Zaslove received his B.A. from Western Reserve University, now the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He then pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Washington, where he received his Ph.D. in Comparative European literature. Zaslove joined Simon Fraser University as a charter faculty member in 1965 as an instructor within the English department. He came to SFU because of its promise to support interdisciplinary studies and to take advantage of the opportunities that starting at a brand new university afforded. Once Zaslove completed his doctorate he was promoted to the rank of assistant professor and was an associate professor by the early seventies. 

Zaslove's teaching and research interests remained comparative and interdisciplinary; he was particularly interested in myth and folktale, and the comparison between English, German, and Russian literature. Nineteenth-century literature was also an area of interest for Zaslove. He was heavily involved in the development of Humanities at SFU, he helped found the Humanities programme, guide its later developments into the Institute for Humanities, established in the early eighties, and created the humanities department in the late nineties.  He also served as the director of the Institute for Humanities for many years. Zaslove became a professor emeritus at SFU in 2000 but he continues to be actively involved in the SFU community as mentor for the Graduate Liberal Arts degree programme in his capacity as the holder of the Simons Chair. 

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