Cohen, Lenard (Political Science, International Studies)

Lenard Cohen received his B.A. and his M.A. in Political Science from the University of Illinois. He pursued doctoral studies at Columbia University, and was awarded his degree in 1978 after completing a dissertation on devolutionary socialism and the political institutionalization of the Yugoslav assembly system. Cohen joined Simon Fraser University’s Political Science Department in 1974.

During his long research career at SFU, Cohen examined a variety of aspects of comparative politics, particularly in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Eurasia and their political transitions, and the dissolution of state structure. State building and nation building, post-conflict environments and failing states are areas of interest to Cohen. In his later career he examined security and economic integration, terrorism, foreign policy, and security and governance in the Balkans. He is a prolific scholar whose publications include Political Cohesion in a Fragile Mosaic : the Yugoslav Experience (1983); Broken Bonds : Yugoslavia's Disintegration and Balkan Politics in Transition (1995), with Paul Warwick; Serpent in the Bosom: the Rise and Fall of Slobodan Milošević (2001); and more recently, Embracing Democracy in the Western Balkans : From Post-Conflict Struggles toward European Integration (2011), with John R. Lampe.

In addition to his scholarly activities, Cohen was a founding faculty member of the School of International Studies, which was established in 2006. Cohen retired as a professor emeritus in International Studies in 2009.

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