Professor Willeen Keough, right, taking in the exhibit of New Westminster’s working waterfront.

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History Professor Willeen Keough Engages the Community through Oral History

August 19, 2015

An exciting conversation is happening in New Westminster, due in no small part to SFU History’s professor Willeen Keough and her students.

Keough has been an instrumental player in the (Re) Claiming of the New Westminster Waterfront Project headed up by Peter Hall of SFU’s Urban Studies Program and Department of Geography. The project’s aim is to facilitate conversations about the working waterfront’s history since the 1940s, engaging local residents and workers, students and academics, and various community partners in the story behind the dynamic and evolving relationship between the port and the city. A considerable part of the knowledge emanating from the project, says Keough, has come from oral history fieldwork.