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Adaptation to Climate Change Team: School of Public Policy

September 15, 2016

Scientists are declaring the dawn of the Anthropocene, a geological epoch characterized by the undeniable impact of human activity on planet Earth, including global warming and the climate change that inevitably follows. And, as the frequency of severe natural events ramps up, we are seeing more and more unprecedented economic and social consequences, such as record insurance payouts and the emergence of climate change refugees.

Despite this dour picture, a large chorus of experts are confident that the negative consequences wrought by this era, while not necessarily reversible, can be mitigated through strategic policy planning. SFU’s Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT) is among those who are determined to use human ingenuity to adapt to the urgent environmental issues we face, such as rising sea levels, food and water supply issues, extreme weather events, species and ecosystem range shifts, as well as challenges for greener energy production and distribution and vulnerable populations.

Based at SFU's School of Public Policy (SPP) and led by executive director Deborah Harford, with a senior advisory board that includes co-founder and former SPP director Dr. Nancy Olewiler, ACT was formed in 2006 to provide stewardship in the face of runaway rates of carbon emissions and by Canada’s lack of corresponding, comprehensive policy action.