Presently working at a law firm in downtown Vancouver, Esinam Ayesu-Attah graduates this Fall with a joint major in Criminology and Sociology.

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Convocation Profile: Esinam Ayesu-Attah, Sociology and Criminology

October 05, 2017

Esinam Ayesu-Attah came to SFU because of an interest in studying law and society. While she had heard that SFU’s Criminology program was renowned in Canada, she says the opportunity to study sociology alongside criminology provided a “challenging and engaging perspective on studying relationships” and their relationship to crime. She says that “the joint degree program in Criminology and Sociology is a great stepping stone for those [of us] who want to head into the legal field or social work.”

Currently working at a law firm in downtown Vancouver, Ayesu-Attah says her long-term plan is to attend law school, complete her J.D. and eventually become a lawyer. While she’s not sure what area of law she’s most interested in yet, she says studying at SFU gave her varied volunteer opportunities to experience the many different ways one can work in the field of law and criminal justice. While completing her undergraduate studies, Ayesu-Attah volunteered in court at the Downtown Community Court assisting crown prosecutors, judges, and sheriffs while court was in session and she volunteered at with Burnaby Youth Psychiatric Services doing research on juvenile offenders.

Ayesu-Attah says she enjoyed multiple courses during her undergraduate degree but especially the “comprehensive” upper level courses in social control, classical sociological thought, sociology of law, and women and criminal justice. When asked if she can offer any words of advice to incoming students of Criminology and Sociology she advises: “utilize all the resources that Simon Fraser University has to offer. By enabling all the tools given to you, it will really help with completing your undergraduate degree in the most efficient, and gratifying way possible.”