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Urban Studies' Meg Holden awarded 2018 President's Award for Leadership in Sustainability

February 28, 2018

From SFU News...

By Pegah Djamzad

The President’s Award for Leadership in Sustainability celebrates SFU community members whose teaching, research or community engagement strives to improve awareness and understanding of ecological, social and economic sustainability on campus and beyond.

Associate professor in urban studies and geography, Meg Holden's research breaks down community and academic boundaries and focuses on how collective rethinking and reinvention can create more sustainable cities. Examples include the Getting to Groundbreaking project, and the Counting on Vancouver Project, in which more than 100 Vancouverites with ranging perspectives and socioeconomic statuses formed a study circle to generate consensus-based indicators of sustainable development for Vancouver. Her EcoUrbanism Worldwide research program directly contributes to new models for developing sustainable, alternative neighbourhoods. Through her teaching, students discover the depth and complexity of sustainable urbanism and are encouraged to think beyond engineering approaches and environmental stewardship to consider governance structures, social norms, economic flows, human behavior and planetary boundaries.