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Travel Report: Panagiotis Delis, History

November 23, 2018

From Graduate Studies...

Panagiotis Delis, a Master's student in History, received a Graduate International Research Travel Award (GIRTA) to further his research in Greece, Bulgaria and Austria. His report: 

I am grateful that I was the recipient of the 2017-2018 Graduate International Research Travel Award for a variety of reasons. Living in Vancouver is already too expensive. Working in a project that requires, at least, a long term trip in Europe for research, makes it even more difficult.

My project entitled: Notions of ethnic cleansing on the eve of the First World War. The Balkan Wars of 1912-13, in which I am looking the mechanisms of ethnic cleansing by using the Balkan Wars as a study case, requires archival research in five countries and four languages. In particular, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom were/are going to be my travel destinations.

Last summer, I visited Greece, Bulgaria and Austria thanks to this generous financial aid. So far, I have completed approximately 70% of my research and I am really satisfied that I managed to do that within the first two years of my PhD. This was only accomplished through the generous funding that I was awarded which gave me breathing space and time to focus on the writing part of my thesis.