Breaking Barriers Recipients


The Breaking Barriers Interdisciplinary Incentive Grant had two parts to the application process. A Notice of Intent was submitted by interested faculty members with a 250-word overview of their project proposal. 18 people submitted NOIs by October 26, 2023. The NOIs were screened to make sure the proposals were adhering to the terms of the grant, and those that were not meeting the interdisciplinary criteria were given further feedback to improve them for the final submission.

13 final proposals were submitted on January 30, 2024. From these 13 proposals, 4 were not sent for review because the final submission did not present an interdisciplinary proposal in which several disciplines were joining together to produce a new way of looking at a complex problem. Following the same review format as the Kickstarter Seed Grants, one reviewer had an understanding of the disciplinary conventions of the proposal, and the second reviewer was from outside of the discipline but had an understanding of the methodological approach. Along with scoring the proposal, both reviewers provided feedback on the strengths and challenges of the proposals. 

Italicized sections highlight collaborators from outside of FASS.

Creating adaptive vocal interfaces in human-AI interactions

  • Principal Investigator: Yue Wang; Linguistics, SFU
  • Angelica Lim; Computing Science, SFU
  • Paige Tuttosi; Computing Science, SFU
  • Fenqi Wang; Linguistics, SFU
  • Henny Yeung; Linguistics, SFU

Cross-cutting Identities and Democratic Society

  • Principal Investigator: Mark Pickup; Political Science, SFU
  • Ahmed Al-Rawi; Communication, SFU
  • Eline de Rooij; Political Science, SFU
  • Eric Groenendyk; Political Science, Stony Brook University
  • Erik Kimbrough; Economics, Chapman University
  • Steven Wright; Psychology, SFU

Data Empowerment through Data Sharing in the Humanities

  • Principal Investigator: Michelle Levy; English, SFU
  • Sheelagh Carpendale; Computing Science, SFU
  • Denise Oleksijczuk; Contemporary Arts, SFU
  • Nicholas Vincent; Computing Science, SFU

Star Lore of Coastal First Peoples: Navigating the waters with the sky

  • Principal Investigator: Eldon Yellowhorn; Indigenous Studies, SFU
  • Marianne Ignace; Indigenous Studies, SFU
  • Joanna Woo; Physics, SFU

Trans Youth Futures: Developing Community, Resilience, and Political Capacity

  • Principal Investigator: Travers; Sociology & Anthropology, SFU
  • Jennifer Marchbank; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, SFU
  • Travis Salway; Health Sciences, SFU
  • Vaibhav Saria; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, SFU
  • Victoria Thomas; Communications, SFU

Understanding Experiences and Promoting Wellbeing Among Adolescents Forcibly Displaced Through Climate Change

  • Co-Principal Investigator: Hali Kil; Psychology, SFU
  • Co-Principal Investigator: Joanna Peplak; Psychology, SFU
  • Tanya Broesch; Psychology, SFU
  • Chris Buse; Health Sciences, SFU
  • Maya Gislason; Health Sciences, SFU

Why doesn’t Canada Have Worker-driven Social Responsibility? Examining Migrant Work, Forced Labour, and Argribusiness in the Okanagan Valley, Canada

  • Principal Investigator: Ali Bhagat; Public Policy, SFU
  • Genevieve LeBaron; Public Policy, SFU
  • Kam Phung; Beedie, SFU

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