C900: Online courses, reimagined

At Simon Fraser University, we're taking online courses to a new level of engagement. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to be among the first to offer these redeveloped courses to include expert faculty involvement in your learning.

What is C900?

C900 is the designation for online courses that are interactive and instructor-led. You'll interact with the course instructor and still have the convenience of working on the course when it suits you.

How do I sign up?

There are four C900 FASS courses being offered for the fall 2019 semester. Please register via the links below for each course.

Available courses

Sheri Fabian is one of FASS's best instructors. She received an SFU Excellence in Teaching award in 2017 and the  3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2019.

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This course will examine the history, development, organization, structure, and operation of corrections in Canada.

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This course introduces you to how sociologists approach the study of social life, and what we find. 

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An introduction to concepts central to the academic study of religion exploring various relevant methodologies.