FASS Graduate Student Scholarship Application Mentorship

Feeling daunted about applying for a scholarship or award? Wondering what needs to go in a SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC or other major award application? Need some concrete examples from successful scholarship applications? 

Here is an opportunity for help.

We are connecting FASS graduate students interested in applying for major scholarships (e.g., Tri-agency scholarships, major private or donor awards) with other graduate students who have been successful in their scholarship applications, as well as faculty, working within similar research areas. Whether you’re looking for some general advice or more concrete examples of successfully funded proposals and specific feedback on drafts, reach out to one of the student or faculty mentors listed below doing similar research. 

Graduate Student Mentors

Please check back regularly as mentors will be added on a continual basis.

Marissa Traversa

mail marissa_traversa@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: Doctoral candidate (Social Psychology, IRSJ Lab) 
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M, SSHRC CGS-D, SPSSI Grant-in-aid, and SPSSI Clara Mayo Grant

Research areas:

  • How the contentious practice of cancel culture can be collectively validating for groups experiencing harm

Morgaine Lee

mail morgaine_lee@sfu.ca
Department: Sociology and Anthropology 
Degree: MA
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M

Research areas:

  • Multispecies ethnography
  • Visual anthropology
  • Affect theory
  • Creative methods

Natasha Usenko

mail natasha_usenko@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA (Law and Forensic Track, Clinical Psychology)
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M, SFU Special Graduate Research Fellowship, SFU Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship

Research areas:

  • Serious and violent offending
  • Sexual offending
  • Psychopathic personality
  • Risk assessment and management

Nathaniel (Nathan) Johnson

mail njj2@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: PhD (Developmental Psychology)
Scholarships Awarded: CIHR CGS-D

Research areas:

  • Mindfulness applied through a developmental lens
  • Mindful parenting

Regina Baeza Martinez

mail rbaezama@sfu.ca
Department: Sociology 
Degree: MA
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M

Research areas:

  • Experiences of Guatemalan agricultural migrant workers in BC

Sara Doering

mail sdoering@sfu.ca
Department: Criminology
Degree: MA and PhD
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-D and SSHRC CGS-M

Research areas:

  • Terrorism
  • Violent extremism

Sam Freeze

mail samuel_freeze@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA and PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CSG-M, SSHRC CSG-D, and British Columbia Graduate Scholarship

Research areas:

  • Forensic psychology

Samantha Mason

mail samantha_mason@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA (Clinical Psychology, Forensics)
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M and Reasons for Hope Grant (University of Toronto)

Research areas:

  • Forensic clinical psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Suicide
  • Psychological assessment

Serena Shukla

mail serena_shukla@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA (Developmental psychology)
Scholarships Awarded: CIHR

Research areas:

  • Parenting
  • Immigrant families
  • Culture
  • Child psychopathology

Sharon Sa

mail sharon_sa@sfu.ca
Department: Public Policy 
Degree: MA
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-M

Research areas:

  • Policy analysis
  • Intersection between climate and health
  • Planetary health
  • Wildfires and emergency management

Shelbie Anderson

mail shelbiea@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA (Law and Forensic Psychology - Experimental)
Scholarships Awarded: Joseph Armand Bombardier, SSHRC CGS-D, and the Nelson Mandela Award

Research areas:

  • Eyewitness memory
  • Interview technique

Sherene Balanji

mail sherene_balanji@sfu.ca
Department: Psychology 
Degree: MA and PhD
Scholarships Awarded: Doctoral and Masters Research Awards - Canadian Institute of Health Research and Graduate Dean's Entrance Scholarship

Research areas:

  • Employing network analytic techniques to visualize changes in: 
  • Psychopathology symptoms (anxiety, depression, suicidality, conduct disorder),
  • And theorized mechanisms of change (emotion regulation, attachment security) in teens during and after their caregivers complete an attachment-based group intervention (Connect).

Timothy van den Brink

mail tsv1@sfu.ca
Department: Political Science
Degree: Doctoral candidate
Scholarships Awarded: SSHRC CGS-D and MITACs Accelerate Grant

Research areas:

  • Canadian politics
  • Elite discourse
  • Policy analysis
  • Official language governance
  • Conservatism
  • Qualitative methods

Ty Bryant

mail tba47@sfu.ca
Department: Sociology and Anthropology 
Degree: MA
Scholarships Awarded: We Wai Kai First Nation Treaty Scholarship, New Relationship Trust Graduate Scholarship, SSHRC CGS-M, and SSHRC Canada Indigenous Scholars Supplement

Research areas:

  • Asian-Indigenous Relations

Vienna C. Lam

mail vienna.lam@sfu.ca
Department: Criminology 
Degree: Doctoral candidate
Scholarships Awarded: Joseph Armand Bombardier and SSHRC

Research areas:

  • Aquatic forensic taphonomy
  • Medicolegal investigations
  • Drowning prevention

Faculty Mentors

Please check back regularly as mentors will be added on a continual basis.

Kate Slaney

mail klslaney@sfu.ca
call 778-782-4967
Department: Psychology

Research areas:

  • Philosophy of psychological science
  • Analysis and critique of empirical methodologies
  • Study of scientific practices in psychology
  • History/philosophy of psychological measurement
  • Discourse practices in psychological science
  • Theoretical and applied psychometrics

Maite Taboada

mail mtaboada@sfu.ca
Department: Linguistics

Research areas:

  • Linguistics
  • Communication
  • Cognitive science
  • Computing science
  • AI
  • Language teaching
  • Rhetoric
  • Writing
  • Media

Michael Hathaway

mail michael_hathaway@sfu.ca
Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Research areas:

  • Global movements such as:
  • Environmentalism
  • Feminism and Indigenous rights


Please contact Kate Slaney fassadgs@sfu.ca.

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