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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Introduction to Italian Language, Lezione 1: Words, sounds and basic rules for social interactions

Lecturer: Elena Caselli. Department: World Languages and Literatures, Italian Studies.

Italian language is the forth most studied language in the world and one of the official languages of the European Union. Its words are already part of your everyday vocabulary, it is the standard language of music, design, culinary art and fashion. Italian is an incredibly rich language and studying it offers you the possibility of learning the culture, the history and the lifestyle of my Bel Paese (Beautiful Country)! You may wonder how the first words you learn in a language can be connected to social rules. Join me for our Lesson One: Words, sounds and basic rules for social interactions and you'll discover that Italians are very fussy over the way you address them.

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Helpful e-Lecture details

  • Times: Lectures are listed in Pacific (PDT) time (UTC -8).
  • Format: All lectures will be broadcast using Zoom. Please ensure you install Zoom in advance and test it to ensure that it works.
  • Structure: The structure of all lectures is: 30 minute lecture + 30 minute question and answer (Q & A) during which you and all participants can chat your questions to the lecturer (Zoom chat will be enabled). 
  • Q & A: The Q & A section will be moderated. The moderator will relay your questions to the lecturer in an organized way, giving everyone an opportunity to have their questions read and answered.
    All participants are encouraged to ask questions to the lecturer. This is your opportunity to find answers to your questions about the lecture topic as well as questions about being a student at SFU's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences!
  • Video / Audio: Your video and audio are not needed for these lectures. The presenting lecturer will be the only participant with both audio and video. The moderator will have audio only.

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