Mentors are there to help you navigate your first year of university through one-on-one support and other social events organized by the mentorship program.  

Angela Fernando

Motto: Embrace change! 

Recommendations: I would recommend taking electives that are not related to your program to discover additional interests and passions for a memorable first year! Also, to take university as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and take risks to further develop and grow your skills. Lastly, do not forget that you have the ability to make the most out of your university experience!

Ceemone Sidhu

Motto: Motivation does not get you to your goals, the mundaneness of constant effort does!

Recommendations: One must-try for all students would be to connect with their fellow peers and put in the effort to build relationships that will make their academic and student life at SFU much more enjoyable. 

Emily Thornton

Motto: Hakuna Matata, it means "no worries"!

Recommendations: Hello, I am going into my third year as an English major and Archaeology minor. I recommend putting in the effort to know new people in the same classes as you. Classes are usually more enjoyable with a friendly face. Also, I recommend reaching out to teachers and TAs. They can be very helpful when struggling with a concept or class, and can change your experience in the class for the better!

Emma Jorssen

Motto: Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

Recommendations: Hey everyone! I’m Emma and I’m going into my 5th and final year of undergrad as a Political Science major. My best piece of advice for those of you entering your first year of university would be to obviously prioritize your studies, but always try to ensure that you are making time to have fun with your friends and family! School can sometimes become stressful (especially around exam season), so spending time with the people that mean the most to you can definitely help to de-stress and relax. Work hard, but play even harder!

Ethan Gill

Motto: Failing is not the end of the world. As long as you are trying your best, that's all that matters. 

Recommendations: In your first year, I would recommend taking courses that you would typically not be interested in. I found that I was able to gain new interests and learn more about myself by doing this. 

Grace Richardson

Motto: Just keep swimming! 

Recommendations: : Hi everyone! For a successful and memorable first year, I recommend attending FASS FAM sessions. In my first year, I found these sessions incredibly helpful. Not only do FAM sessions give you the opportunity to make new friends, but they also provide you with plenty of useful tips as you transition to university learning. In addition to attending FAM sessions, I recommend using a calendar or planner to keep track of assignments and due dates. Organizing these dates can make them feel less overwhelming and help with time management.

Harjot Singh

Motto: Learn to fall forward. Never fall back, fall forward. 

Recommendations: Hello, I am Harjot Singh; a second-year political science student here at SFU. As a second-year student, my first-year experiences are still fresh and at hand. Many of the situations you may find yourself in this year I have also experienced not too long ago. I have only two tips - be organized and attend your FAM sessions. if you keep on top of your work and reading, do not put things off till the last minute, and communicate with your professors and TA's, everything will be perfectly fine. Finally, attend your FAM sessions; they are your key to making a friend circle at university. It can be hard to make friends in lectures and classrooms, so this is the ideal place where you don't have to worry about anything else but making connections. 

Harleen Sagoo

Motto: Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Recommendations: For a memorable first year I think students should engage in clubs or events at SFU. When I was a first year student I went to different club meetings and attended FASS sessions each week. That led me to make new friends and feel more comfortable at a new school. When transitioning from high school to first year, life can be overwhelming with new changes especially if you have no friends with you. So, by finding friends in clubs that you find passion in, your first year can take a turn and actually be very enjoyable!

Helen Dinh

Motto: Live life, breathe air. I know somehow we're gonna get there.

Recommendations: Use office hours and don't be afraid to ask for grade adjustments when you believe it is deserved. Most professors want to see you succeed and may not understand what you are trying to portray.  By communicating with them and clarifying what your work is trying to illustrate, you may see improved results or learn what you can do better next time!

Helen Toma

Motto:Treat everything as a learning experience.

Recommendations: In your first year, I would recommend you to break out of your shell. Don’t be afraid to socialize! Try meeting new people in your classes and in clubs.

Japnaam Chahal

Motto: You never know unless you try.

Recommendations: Hi everyone! I’m Japnaam and I am in my second year at SFU, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology.  My must do, first year recommendation is to get involved around campus. It makes university life much more enjoyable, because life is more than just keeping your nose in the books! Join a club, volunteer, or attend some of the many events on campus. Being involved around campus and attending the weekly FAM sessions really helps you feel that you belong, and you’ll meet new people and make friends with similar interests. During my time at SFU, I have tried new things that I never thought I was capable of when I was in high school and have really grown through these experiences. Get involved as early as your first semester, because you don’t truly know what you can do if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and take a chance!

Jasleen Thind

Motto: It's not about being perfect. It's about putting in the effort.

Recommendations: Hi everyone, I am Jasleen! Here at SFU, I am in my second year studying psychology. A must-do that I recommend is getting involved as much as you can. This will allow you to learn more and have the opportunity of meeting several others that have similar interests. A great way to get involved is through clubs.

Josh Zaporteza

Motto: A motto I like to always keep in mind is that success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Recommendations: Hi everyone! My name is Josh and I am entering my final year at SFU (I’m getting old hahaha)!  What I would definitely recommend for a successful/memorable first year is to go out of your comfort zone and try to make friends in your classes!! For myself, I would not have survived university if it was not for the friends I made. 

Kanwarveer Sidhu

Motto: Always be searching for a way to improve yourself, not because you're not good enough as you are, but because you deserve to accomplish all that you can.  

Recommendations: Hello I'm Kanwar! In my own searching in the past year or so, nothing has resonated further within me than the idea that our own personal hero should be us, from five years in the future.  And we should never hope to become our hero, for that's when we come to stagnate.  Something I found really helpful in my first year was to not be afraid to take the first step! Just saying a quick "hey" or giving out a quick compliment, you'd be surprised by how quickly you are able to build a connection among your peers.  

Keannu Rubio

Motto: Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

Recommendations: The number one thing you have to keep in mind for yourself is that relationships do not happen spontaneously. Any of the bonds that you make with other people take time and effort to grow and develop. If you find yourself feeling alone, you yourself have to make that first step to make new connections with other people. Find a club of people with like-minded interests. Try and establish a study group within the class groupchat. You have to put yourself out there first, and you can't expect other people to try and read your mind from across the room.

Keerat Shergill

Motto: Don’t worry, everything will be okay.

Recommendations: Something I would recommend as a “must/do” for a memorable first year is participate and talk during tutorials and in FASS Fam discussions. Doing this is how I met some of my closest friends, connecting with them after class has allowed me to develop some of my most favourite memories during first year. Another must-do for a memorable first year is attend welcome day. Welcome day allowed me to meet so many new people and explore the campus as well.

Lyka McAllister-Borchert

Motto: It's okay to not be okay. 

Recommendations: Hello! My name is Lyka and I am going onto my fourth year here at SFU. I am a Criminology major and a Communications minor. This year I am going on to my third year as a peer mentor for FASSONE! Outside of school i really enjoy video games, crafts and hanging with my friends.

Manisha Sidhu

Motto: Everything happens for a reason. 

Recommendations: Get to know the peers in your class, even if it is just one person. This simple yet effective "must do," is something I do every semester, because meeting just one person you connect with in any class sets you up for success. This way you will always have someone to consult with for exams or assignments. It also makes your time memorable and something you can carry on doing for the rest of the years to come. 

Mara Laroza

Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Recommendations: Hi! My name is Mara! I am a criminology major and political science minor, and this will be my second time mentoring for FASS One :) My must-do for a successful  first year would be to take careful  consideration when choosing your courses. I think it is really important to have your first term be filled with excitement and interest in what you are learning. Although I was never really a "school person,"  taking these steps as I entered my first year in University made it easier to stay motivated and make school work feel less of a burden. 

Neha Prasad

Motto: Mistakes are a learning experience. Humans aren't exactly perfect beings, and when we make mistakes it's another chance to learn and grow. It also makes it easier to try new experiences. 

Recommendations: Hi everyone! I'm Neha and I major in psychology and minor in criminology. For a successful first year, come to FASS FaM sessions! It's helpful for meeting people who might be in your classes and getting advice from an experienced team, and you get free snacks too!

Noah Norton

Motto: It's okay to be anxious, it shows that you care. 

Recommendations: Talk to your TAs and Professors at least once before midterms/finals. Make a connection with them, they're human and not as scary as you might think. Not only will it make it easier to ask questions and get clarification later in the semester or later in your degree, but such relationships can be handy if you need a reference and/or an extension!

Parneet Bhatha

Motto: Dedication makes dreams come true.

Recommendations: For me, the most useful advice to have a fruitful experience in university was to not only get involved, but to tap into things that genuinely interest you. Do a quick search, talk to people around you, see what opportunities are posted around campus, and then try to engage in those specific things that align with your beliefs and interests. But branch out, too. The comfort zone is sure comfortable but doing things outside of it makes you grow into a person that you wouldn't be able to grow into if you just keep playing it safe. Now is the time to grow into that person. And this is the perfect place for it. We're all here to support you in that journey, so good luck to you all and welcome to university!

Sofia Alvarez

Motto: The world keeps spinning, and time moves on. It reminds me that sometimes things are out of your control, but you just have to be okay with that, maybe it might not even matter in the future. 

Recommendations: My recommendation for a successful first year would be to take as many classes that seem interesting to you. There's lots of time to complete your required courses but finding space to take a fun class can make a difference in your day, it definitely did for me.

Stefano Schiavone

Motto: Make time every day for the things that make you happy.

Recommendations: One thing I definitely suggest for first years is to try and get involved at SFU. We have a lot of fantastic clubs and student programs that are great ways to get to know new people, help pursue a passion or interest of yours, and look good on a resume! And SFU is very welcoming, so there is a space for everyone everywhere!

Tianna Nardi

Motto: Find balance in life.

Recommendations: Hi everyone! I'm a third year student pursuing an English major and an extended French minor to become a secondary school teacher. One of the hardest parts of starting university for me was learning how to divide my time between school, work, and life, so I really had to remind myself to find that happy balance. To ensure you have a successful and memorable first year, I encourage everyone to try to push your boundaries. You’ll soon find out that as much as University is about academics, it is also about being a part of a community that supports you and one that you can support too. So, with that said, put yourselves out there! Meet new people! And get involved! 

Victoria Kozar

Motto: The best is yet to come and treat people with kindness!

Recommendations: In your first year I highly recommend investing in both your academic and personal success with a few simple life changes. Procrastination is the enemy of us all, if you can avoid it your stress will be reduced greatly. Use study tools like quizlet and study a little every day. Regarding personal success, I recommend reaching out to people by joining a club or even just talking to the person next to you in class. Remember to enjoy the journey to graduation, not just the destination!