Cormack Teaching Awards

Call for Nominations 2019

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences presents up to four Cormack Teaching Awards annually, one each at the ranks of lecturer (or senior lecturer), assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor.

How to nominate

Nominations may come from students, colleagues, or chairs and directors. Self-nomination is not an option. All nominees must be members of FASS. Submit nominations to Catherine Murray, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs and Enrolment Management in a format that includes the following information:

  • Name of proposed recipient
  • Rank of proposed recipient
  • Nominator’s name and rank (if faculty), name and student number (if student)
  • Comments identifying the nominee’s exceptional teaching and supervisory contributions (content, delivery modality, innovation, etc.) that warrant consideration for award (maximum of 500 words). Specificity is appreciated.
  • A list of the courses taught by the nominee in the previous 24 months (with actual enrollment numbers indicated)

Application deadline is Monday, April 8, 2019.

Please use the nomination form below to cover your nomination package.


  • Nomination submissions due: April 8, 2019
  • Consent from prospective nominees will be sought:  April 9 – May 3, 2019
  • Portfolios due: May 31, 2019
  • Review of portfolios: June 3 – June 14, 2019
  • Announcement of award recipients: June 24, 2019
  • FASS Cormack Awards, Reception, and Symposium - Award Recipients will participate in a public address or workshop to highlight aspects of their teaching: Fall 2019 date to be announced.

Nomination portfolios

From the nominating department

  • One letter in support of the nominee to be written by the Chair or Director of the Department or School; where the Chair or Director is a nominee, the letter will be written by the chair of the graduate program. The support letter should aim to contextualize the nominee’s teaching and supervision with the disciplinary context or program structure in order to demonstrate how the nominee’s curricular design functions within the life of the discipline, and within the stream of the majors or minors, etc.

From the nominee

The FASS Associate Dean, Academic Programs, will contact all nominees to ask if they wish their names to go forward for full consideration. Nominees who wish to proceed are required to submit a portfolio:

  • A 750-1,000 word statement of ‘teaching reflections’.  This statement is intended to portray how the nominee’s experiences and insights about teaching may have been challenged or renewed in the previous six semesters (not counting the current semester), and how the nominee has responded to and addressed these teaching issues. The aim here is to allow the nominee to complement and contextualize what students say about the courses (required)
  • Summaries of student evaluations of the same six-semester period (required)
  • Evidence of professional development training in teaching in the previous six semesters (optional)
  • Submissions of any writing/conference presentations in ‘scholarship of teaching’ venues in the same period (optional)
  • Submission of any peer-reviews or mentor’s comments regarding the nominees teaching in the same period (optional)

Selection committee

The committee will be chaired by the FASS Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs & Enrolment Management, and consist of a minimum of five members, including the two FASS Teaching Fellows, a past Cormack Teaching Award Recipient from 2013 or earlier and up to three others, selected to achieve gender balance, balance between humanities and social sciences, faculty at all four ranks under consideration. 

The office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will hold unsuccessful submissions for consideration for a maximum two-year period. This gives unsuccessful nominees an opportunity to be considered a second time. These nominees will be required to update their nomination portfolio (teaching assignments and reflective statement) in the second year of consideration, as the Cormack adjudication process is based on teaching in the previous six semesters.


Recipients are expected to:

  • attend the FASS AGM (Fall semester) to receive the award;
  • offer a public talk/presentation on some aspect of their teaching to FASS colleagues as part of a FASS-organized event (Fall semester);
  • serve at least once in the following two-year period on the awards selection committee.
  • In addition, successful Award Recipients will receive a grant of $500 to add to their professional development funds, and public acknowledgement at the FASS AGM (Fall semester).

Previous award winners

2018:  Tina Adcock, Assistant Professor (History); Douglas Allen, Professor (Economics); Leith Davis, Professor (English); Dai Heide, Senior Lecturer (Philosophy); Steve Weldon, Associate Professor (Political Science)

2017:  Rebecca Cobb (Psychology); Ashley Farris-Trimble (Linguistics)

2016: Lara Aknin (Psychology); Gregory Dow (Economics); Sarah Walshaw (History); Richard Wright (Psychology)

2015: Elise Chenier (History); Alex Moens (Political Science); Bidisha Ray (History); Aaron Windel (History)

2014: David Coley (English); Sheri Fabian (Criminology); Jack Martin (Psychology); Roxanne Panchasi (History)

2013: Jeremy Brown (History); Mike Everton (English); Neil Watson (Psychology)

2012: John Bogardus (Sociology & Anthropology); John Harriss (International Studies); Nicole Jackson (International Studies); Kate Slaney (Psychology)

2011: Alison Ayers (Sociology & Anthropology/ Political Science); Dave Cox (Economics); Alec Dawson (History/Latin American Studies)

2010: Lara Campbell (Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies); Nicky Didicher (English); Yue Wang (Linguistics)