Career Planning

You can earn a BA degree by completing a major, a joint major, two extended minors, an extended minor and a minor or two minors (please note that at least one minor must be in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). Some things to keep in mind when choosing your major or minors are:

Graduate school
Find out whether the graduate program you plan to pursue requires the completion of a specific major or minors. For example, a master’s program in English would require minimum completion of a major in English as part of an undergraduate degree. Other programs, such as a MBA or Law School do not require the completion of a specific major. You may also wish to pursue an Honours degree, as preparation for graduate studies.

Becoming a secondary school teacher
You will need to complete one teachable major or two teachable minors as part of your degree for admission into the PDP program.

Future career options
Arts and Social Sciences students develop valuable workplace skills that prepare them for exciting careers in the private and not-for profit sector and public service. Your major or minor do not anymore exclusively define what you will be doing in the future. Co-op, field schools, volunteering, grad schools will all contribute to your portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience.

Certain majors/minors may be more directly related to specific careers than others. Start by researching your interests and career options with Career Services. Once you have prepared your questions, meet with a career advisor to discuss your future plans. You can make an appointment by calling (778) 782-3106.