Connect with Arts Central


Arts Central (AQ 3020) is a hub for FASS students where they can easily connect with staff to discuss academic or engagement matters, to work, or to simply connect with fellow students. Academic advisors, a student engagement coordinator and staff working for Co-operative Education programs in FASS are part of Arts Central.


Arts Central provides advising services to FASS students in 3rd and 4th year and connects with students in order to provide them with engagement opportunities outside of the classroom. Arts Central is open to student groups and clubs active in the Faculty and who are looking to connect either with other students or to receive support from the Student Engagement Coordinator. The Arts Central staff is closely involved in all activities pertaining to recruitment, conversion, retention, engagement, advising, leadership and curriculum development for FASS at SFU.

Arts Central staff

Dr. Bettina Cenerelli

Director of Strategic Academic Planning and Student Engagement
(778) 782-6686
AQ 3020

Claire de Lisser

Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising, Recruitment and Retention
(778) 782-5921
AQ 3020

Elisa Herrell

Undergraduate Advisor and Recruiter
(778) 782-3909
AQ 3020

Rosaline Baik

Coordinator, Student Recruitment and Advising, FASS Surrey
(778) 798-9384
SUR 5169

Wendy Szeto

Undergraduate Program Assistant
(778) 782-8750
AQ 3020

Susan Cowan

Program Assistant, Certificate in Liberal Arts
(778) 782-5426
AQ 3020

Brian Fox

Coordinator, Student Engagement
(778) 927-9984
AQ 3020

Shina Kaur

Engagement Programming Assistant
(778) 927-9984
AQ 3020

Ted Wilson

Coordinator, Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program
(778) 782-4089
RCB 8107