Have you been selected to join FASSForward?

What is FASSForward?

  • A new initiative offered in Fall 2017 to students in their first term
  • Specially designed to help students in some of the most popular courses in FASS
  • 12 participating courses from several different departments in FASS
  • 3 hours of additional one-on-one tutoring from experienced Teaching Assistants

What type of support will the TAs offer?

  • In-depth explanation of key course concepts
  • Practice with problem-solving skills
  • Preparation for mid-term exams and quizzes

How do I sign up?

  • This is a pilot run of the initiative so it will be offered to 500 students.
  • Students who are in their first term will be selected based on their scores in an assessment quiz.
  • Selected students will be contacted by their TAs to arrange a first meeting.

Do I have to participate?

  • Participation is 100% on a voluntary basis.
  • If you are selected but do not want to receive this support, you may decline, with no repercussions