The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Connections mentorship program connects new FASS undergraduate students (mentees) with other new to SFU students and senior FASS students (mentors) through social and academic activities.

Our mission is to provide enriching and supportive connections to increase your sense of belonging and well-being, helping you thrive in this vibrant campus community and most importantly, become part of our FASS FAM!

YOU CHOOSE how you connect with us, through the options below! Sign up TODAY!


Connect with your mentor

  • You and a mentor will have one-on-one in-person meetings your first term
  • You will receive on-going online support (online, via text and in person) during your first term
  • Special benefits like free coffee/pop at Club Ilia (Burnaby Campus)

"My mentor has become a person I feel I can rely on and look up to as a role model. She helped me work through some tough times and helped me learn to be a more independent person. Overall, I feel I learned many valuable life skills from her that will carry me far in university." (2016 mentee)

Meet our 2017 Mentor team

FASS FAM Cohorts

Connect with your peers 

  • Join a FASS FAM bi-weekly mentor led cohorts during your first semester
  • Form meaningful friendships and build academic and personal skills
  • Develop interpersonal skills and campus knowledge over snacks and dialogue
  • Topics covered include Career, Health and Wellness, Academic Advising and more!
NOTE: We will register you into one of our 16 cohorts based on your Fall class schedule. Raveena Randhawa (Engagement Programming Assistant - will be contacting those who sign up for Connections in early August to do so.

Become a Mentor

Apply between February and March 2018 to become a mentor for the Summer and Fall 2018 terms. You can provide incoming FASS students supportive connections through group faciliatation and one-on-one interactions.

FASS Connections Mentorship Program is proudly sponsored by Club Ilia, located at Cornerstone Building at Univercity!

Meet our 2017 Team

Our mentors are pursuing programs in FASS in many different areas and bring their unique experiences into the work they do in FASS. Get to know our very talented 2017 team!