Strategy & Policy

Whether you’re interested in studying communications and media policy in our School of Communication, learning about the business side of the publishing industry, or working with our Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST), our faculty offers many opportunities to engage with questions of strategy and policy in communication, art and technology.

Selected programs

The programs below are a sample of the many offerings across our faculty. 

Bachelor of Arts — Communication Major

A major in communication provides students with a foundation in critical thinking, reading, analysis and production in the field of communication that allows them to study the cultures, histories, technologies, and ideologies of the media and communication infrastructures in our society. These structures inform and shape politics and media policy, and communications students are equipped to meaningfully participate in, question, and redefine these structures as they move into careers in diverse fields.  

Master of Arts in Communication

Our School of Communication has an international reputation for its critical scholarship on urgent social and political problems affecting contemporary societies, locally and globally. We offer graduate students rigorous training in the critical foundation of communication theory, political economy, policy, the study of culture and media, and technology and data studies. 

Global Communication Master of Arts Double Degree

The Global Communication MA Double Degree Program in our School of Communication offers students an exceptional environment to learn about, and tackle, the most pressing issues in global communication. Students complete the first year of the program in Vancouver and the second year in Beijing giving them a Master of Arts from Simon Fraser University, and a Master of Arts from the Communication University of China.

Selected courses

The courses below are just a few of the many offerings related to art and design across our faculty.

PUB 450 — The Business of Book Publishing

Book publishing is a cultural activity, but it is also commercial activity. This course surveys a range of business aspects of publishing by examining publishing companies that are well managed and successful. Students will examine the activities involved in acquiring and distributing books from a business point of view to see how publishing firms can remain rigorous and profitable. The emphasis will be on the financial planning, operations, and successful editorial and production processes of publishing firms. 

CMNS 334 — Cultural Policy

This cource examines the modern foundations and current processes of federal, provincial and municipal policies for the arts, cultural industries and heritage. Related social policies, such as bilingualism and multiculturalism, and the international context of Canadian cultural policy, are also be addressed.

CMNS 342 — Science and Public Policy: Risk Communication

Examining the relationship between science, technology and public policy, this course explores the role that communication plays in this field, and, in particular, the role it plays in evaluating and conveying risk.