Performance & Culture

Whether you’re interested in becoming a performing artist or studying the performing arts at our School for the Contemporary Arts, creating virtual worlds and interactive media in our School of Interactive Arts and Technology, or studying communication theory and popular culture in our School of Communication, our faculty has a wide range of programs and courses that engage with these topics.

Selected programs and courses

Bachelor of Fine Arts — Theatre Performance Major

The Theatre Performance program in our School for the Contemporary Arts offers a rigorous, dynamic approach to contemporary theatre practice. The program is respected nationally and internationally for its unique emphasis on ensemble techniques, physical practice, devising, and dramaturgy. Graduates of the theatre program find professional work around the world; many have continued their studies in graduate schools across North America.

Bachelor of Fine Arts — Dance Major

The dance program in our School for the Contemporary Arts offers students a unique opportunity to study, create and perform dance within a collaborative, interdisciplinary department. The program features a variety of courses that include dance technique and composition, choreography, repertory and performance, and the history and aesthetics of dance. These core courses are enriched with study in improvisation, experiential anatomy and body conditioning, and dance/movement analysis.

Bachelor of Arts — Interactive Arts and Technology Major

In the BA program in our School of Interactive Arts and Technology, students work with a variety of media and technology related to popular culture such as video game and user experience design, animation, and graphic design. Students are encouraged to take their studies in a direction that most interests them and to collaborate with their peers and instructors while building a portfolio of impressive work.

CA 227 — History of Dance: From the 20th Century to the Present

A study of the development of modern dance and the reformation of the ballet from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, this course emphasizes seminal dance artists and the impact their work has had upon the art form in western theatre dance. 

CA 425 — Intensive Studies in Performance

This course offers advanced performance studies in intensive specialized workshops and/or participation in choreographic projects culminating in a public performance. The course content may include interdisciplinary collaborations and a variety of performance styles and techniques.

CMNS 324 — Media, Sports and Popular Culture

An examination of the changing relationships between media, sport and popular culture in both a North American and a global context, this course covers the political economy of sports media, media sports production and ideology, sports in the digital economy, sports audiences and consumption, sporting mega events, and global spectacle. 

IAT 343 — Animation

This course provides students with an introduction to techniques for 3D computer animation such as keyframing, performance animation, procedural methods, motion capture, and simulation. Students also receive an overview of story-boarding, scene composition, lighting and sound track generation. The course explores current research topics in computer animation such as facial animation, behavioral animation, artificial life and interactive systems.

IAT 842 — Theory and Design of Games

Games have become a major part of our culture, rivaling the popularity of movies. Drawing on a wide variety of examples and disciplines, this graduate level course examines theories and techniques for the analysis of existing games, and the design of new ones. Students study game design and learn the conceptual and technical tools necessary to critique and design games of all kinds.