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Yan Hong, Marcus Su, Miles Liu & Perry Hsieh (SIAT) - SIATBOT

Hsieh, a presenter at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2014, shares his experience of presenting at the conference with group members Hong, Su, and Liu. 

April 25, 2014

Perry Hsieh, a student in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology, presented his research project with fellow group members Yan Hong, Marcus Su, and Miles Liu at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2014. Their project, SIATBOT, was one of 34 projects presented at the conference on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Project Abstract:

The SIATBOT is an interactive animation that allows the users to interact with the virtual 3D animated character by using Xbox360 Kinect Camera. Users are able to see the 3D robot without any 3D glasses from all three directions (Front, Left and Right Side), depending upon the angles of the reflections. The SIATBOT was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the School of Interactive Art & Technology (SIAT) at SFU. The four different robots are meant to represent the concentrations within the SIAT program.


1. Why did you pick this topic? What was interesting to you about this topic?
At first, this is just a school project. In IAT 336, my group and I needed to design a project related to invented technology. As a SIAT student, we love to design with technology. Therefore, we searched about how we can represent our ideas by using technology. We read a topic about hologram effects and were interested in this topic. We really like the feeling when we view the different angles of an object. Therefore, we wanted to create an easy hologram effect project.  

2. Were you surprised by anything you found during the research/creation process?
When we were researching, my group and I noticed that the cost of hologram effects is very high. We found a Japanese video that created an easy hologram effect with only glass and his smartphone. Therefore, we wanted to combine this idea into our design. We also wanted the ability for the audience to interact with the 3D image. Thus, we added Kinect into our design.  

3. Do you have any plans to do something more with this project?
I wish to create a hologram effect displayer for my 3D project. Like the 3D display device in Iron Man movie, I want my own 3D displayer as well. One of weaknesses of our project is that the audience has to be at the right display eye level to view the best effect for our project. I want to make my displayer flexible.

4. How did you find the process of presenting your project?
After presenting to the large audience, I feel more comfortable about this project from their reaction. I like the experience to talk with different people. Thanks FCAT, it is a really good stage for presenters like us to showcase our project. 

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