As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you likely have many questions about the FCAT student experience, research activities on campus, and the status of many campus services. We’ve gathered information and resources from across campus that we hope will provide answers to most of your questions.

At this time, all SFU faculty and staff are to be working remotely with the exception of those who have already been working on campus to support essential services and priority on-campus research.

Some exceptions to this may be considered in cases where work is significantly impacted by lack of access to specialized equipment on campus. As we move into this next phase, anyone seeking campus access (including those previously granted exemptions to access labs) will need to comply with a new process (required by the province and WorkSafeBC).

For SFU's current COVID-19 impact rating, see the COVID-19 Impact Scale.

If you still have questions after looking through the information and resources listed here and in the SFU COVID-19 FAQ, please get in touch with us at