Important updates based on new public health orders issued November 19, 2020

Please stay up-to-date (including the status of on-campus services) at SFU's COVID-19 FAQ page:

New public health orders were issued on Thursday, November 19 for the entire province of British Columbia. SFU remains at H1 on our COVID-19 impact scale and continues to limit non-essential meetings, travel to campus and gatherings, while keeping essential services, student support, research and teaching operational.

General guidelines for anyone coming to campus:

  • Everyone must conduct a self-assessment every day before they come to campus using the Thrive Health App: and must subsequently contact their direct supervisor to indicate that they have completed the self-assessment.
  • All common/lunch rooms remain closed.
  • Study spaces only for individual use (no pairs or groups).
  • NEW: Mask wearing is now REQUIRED in all indoor public common areas, including elevators, hallways, group or break rooms, kitchens and customer counters, and ALL SHARED RESEARCH AND TEACHING SPACES even if distancing can be maintained. 
  • No in-person meetings, events or programs unless they relate to approved activities. 
  • No visitors to campus unless they are assisting with a core service or their invitation is approved by the FCAT Dean.

Are you teaching an in-person class? Continue as approved for the current academic term. Accommodate students as necessary. 

Do you have an approved safety plan/permission for research on campus? The permission continues in place. However, graduate students cannot be required to work on campus. In addition:

  • Conduct as much work as possible remotely.
  • Minimize time on campus.
  • Minimize time on public transit.
  • The daily self-assessment MUST be completed and it is up to lab heads/research group leads to both set the example and ensure that safety measures are being followed.

Please note: ALL REQUESTS TO CONDUCT HUMAN SUBJECTS RESEARCH MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR REVIEW TO THE OFFICE OF RESEARCH ETHICS, even if you human subjects protocol was reviewed prior to COVID-19. This must be done in addition to receiving permission to use your research space. (In other words, you need room specific clearance, as well as specific safety clearance for all human subjects research).  

Steps for FCAT Faculty to follow in order to obtain approval to work in any FCAT facilities:

  1. Consult with your direct supervisor to determine if it is absolutely necessary to be on campus.
  2. Read the FCAT and your unit’s safety plans. 
  3. Complete the SFU Canvas Course:
  4. Submit a request to work on campus via via FCAT’s online safety plan approval system:   
  5. Conduct a self-assessment before you come to campus. Please use the following link to access the assessment:
    • Faculty members, sessionals and limited term instructors need to email their self-assessment confirmation to their direct supervisor. 
    • Research personnel and teaching assistants need to email their self-assessment confirmation to their direct faculty supervisor
    • FCAT staff need to email their self-assessment confirmation to their direct supervisor

Note that if you are granted permission, you must conduct a self-assessment every day before you come to campus using the Thrive Health App: and confirm you have passed the assessment as per the instructions above.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you likely have many questions about the FCAT student experience, research activities on campus, and the status of many campus services. We’ve gathered information and resources from across campus that we hope will provide answers to most of your questions.

At this time, all SFU faculty and staff are to be working remotely with the exception of those who have already been working on campus to support essential services and priority on-campus research.

Some exceptions to this may be considered in cases where work is significantly impacted by lack of access to specialized equipment on campus. As we move into this next phase, anyone seeking campus access (including those previously granted exemptions to access labs) will need to comply with a new process (required by the province and WorkSafeBC).

For SFU's current COVID-19 impact rating, see the COVID-19 Impact Scale.

If you still have questions after looking through the information and resources listed here and in the SFU COVID-19 FAQ, please get in touch with us at