At this time, all SFU faculty and staff are to be working remotely with the exception of those who have already been working on campus to support essential services and priority on-campus research.

Some exceptions to this may be considered in cases where work is significantly impacted by lack of access to specialized equipment on campus. As we move into this next phase, anyone seeking campus access (including those previously granted exemptions to access labs) will need to comply with a new process (required by the province and WorkSafeBC).

If you have research or expertise that may be related to the current COVID-19 situation, or if you know of students, staff or faculty coming together to help others, please let us know by submitting an item to our online form.

Mandatory steps before returning to any on-campus work or research

1) Complete the COVID-19 Awareness and Safe Return to Work Training course on Canvas.

2) Develop a COVID-19 safety plan for your on-campus research or teaching space (whether that’s an office, lab, studio, or other physical space) and submit your plan for approval using the FCAT COVID-19 Safety Plan approval form.

3) Once you have completed the training course and you have an APPROVED SAFETY PLAN in place, only then should you be returning to campus.

4) All staff, faculty or students who are being asked to join you on campus for research activities must complete the above Canvas course and read the safety plan that applies to the space they will be in and the activities which will occur in the space they will be using.

Developing your COVID-19 safety plan

Before resuming activities that require additional students, faculty or staff to return to campus, a university-approved, unit-specific, safety plan must be in place to ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC requirements.

If you are hoping to return to campus for any reason, you must submit a safety plan specific to your on-campus research space to your school director for approval. The director’s approval will be pending a review to ensure that your research activities must be completed on campus and are eligible for an exemption from the current directive on remote work and research.

SFU COVID-19 Resources

  • COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for B.C's post-secondary sector. 
  • Visit the SFU FAQ page for the most up to date information about how SFU is responding to COVID-19.
  • Visit the SFU Research FAQ for details about how COVID-19 is impacting research activities.
  • Faculty and staff emails related to COVID-19 have been compiled on the VPA website.
  • If you need to order personal protection and other COVID-19 related supplies download this pdf.

Remote teaching resources