Hile'kw 2017: FCAT Welcome

Kick-starting 2017 with a cultural celebration!

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) held its second annual welcome event, Hile'kw, on September 22nd 2017 at the SFU Surrey campus.

First-year students from across FCAT were introduced to a respectful and conscientious celebration of Indigenous peoples and their arts on unceeded Coast Salish territories via an array of hands-on workshops that showcase the knowledge, strength, and diversity of Indigenous peoples living, working, and thriving on unceeded Coast Salish territories.

Special thanks to:

Our speakers - Margaret George, Kris Archie, Gary George, Aoife MacNamara, Peter Keller and Stephen Dooley.

Our facilitators - Sara Davidson, TsÄ“ma Igharas, Deborah Smith and Senaqwila Wyss.

Our faculty and staff -  Kim Hockey, Stuart Poyntz, Chris Jeschelnik, Alisha Pillay, Lehoa Mak, Cole Lewis, Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda, Joti Muker, Sana Santosh and Alisha Parmar.

Hile'kw would not have been possible without you!