Is the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology a Good Fit for You?

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) is the intersection of science, art, technology and design. We are an innovative, multidisciplinary faculty that brings scholars and artists together to look at the world from a unique perspective. Our faculty and students engage in real-world projects responsive to society’s needs and interests in the creative economy. 

As part of Canada’s leading comprehensive university, we have programs at Simon Fraser University’s vibrant campuses in British Columbia’s largest municipalities: Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey. Our innovative and collaborative approaches to learning, discovering and teaching have helped us develop deep roots in partner communities around the world.

School of Communication

The School of Communication (CMNS) offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary examination of the ways in which media messages, institutions and technologies operate within a wide range of social and cultural contexts. 

Communication students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, equipped with in-demand critical thinking skills and an understanding of how our media-saturated world functions at social, cultural and ideological levels. The CMNS Co-op Program links many of our students to exciting options for learning as they work in local, national and international organizations.


  • Media and Culture
  • Technology and Society
  • Political Economy and Policy


  • Future, First Year and Transfer Students
  • cmns1@sfu.ca
  • 778-782-3858


School of Interactive Arts and Technology

At the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) technologists, artists, scientists and designers conduct interdisciplinary research and immersive study on the design and evaluation of new media and interactive technologies.

Inspired by the creative economy, a SIAT education comprises applied computing, science of human experience, analysis of media, art and culture, and design and implementation of new technologies. SIAT graduates play leading roles in media and interactive information technology design, research and development. The program has a strong network of industry partners and we encourage our students to take advantage of work integrated learning opportunities like Co-op.


  • Interactive Systems
  • Media Arts
  • Design

  • 1st Year/ SIAT One Advisor
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School for the Contemporary Arts

The School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) combines all the benefits of a small, intimate arts school with the advantages of a large university. Students receive ample attention from professors and interact closely with classmates, while having access to a vast array of courses. 

Our studio classes in dance, film, music, theatre and visual art are all taught by practicing artists. In addition, our scholars engage students with the historical, philosophical, and political contexts of the arts to provide a foundation for developing critical and contemporary thinking. We are considered unique in North America for our interdisciplinary approach. 


  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music Composition (Acoustic & Electroacoustic)
  • Theatre (Performance & Production and Design)
  • Visual Art
  • Visual Cultural & Performance Studies

  • New Students and Retention
  • lastoria@sfu.ca
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The Minor in Print and Digital Publishing provides the foundation for students to pursue advanced professional education, or to take jobs in publishing or allied cultural industries. The Master of Publishing program is an innovative, full-time 16-month program. A select cohort of candidates learns practical skills from faculty and guest industry professionals, within a rigorous academic environment.

  • Program Advisor for the Master of Publishing Program
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Master of Digital Media

The Master of Digital Media (MDM) program is a professional graduate degree. Guided by top-level faculty and industry mentors, students learn management and collaboration skills, working in teams on industry-supported projects. Students graduate with the skills to work in the top jobs in digital media as producers, designers, managers, art directors, and entrepreneurs.

The Master of Digital Media program is accredited and awarded by 4 academic partners—the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. MDM students receive a combined Master's degree bearing the seal of all four partner institutions and signed by all four presidents. Due to this unique academic partnership, there is no other program like it in the world.

  • Senior Student Recruitment Officer
  • yasmeen_awadh@cdm.ca
  • 778-370-1010
  • thecdm.ca/program/mdm