Metro Vancouver HomeShare Program

Information Sessions

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FCAT and Canada HomeShare are partnering to provide university students with safe and affordable housing in the spare room of an older adult. 

Beginning in Fall 2021, the Metro Vancouver HomeShare Program will match 10 students in a housing arrangement with an older adult who has a bedroom or suite available to rent. 


What is HomeShare?

Canada HomeShare is a program run by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) that matches older adults (55+) with a spare room in their home who would benefit from receiving additional income and/or help around the home with university and college students seeking affordable housing.

In exchange for reduced rent of $400-$600 per month, the student provides up to seven hours of companionship and/or assistance with completing light household tasks, such as providing technical help, preparing and sharing meals, tidying up, carrying groceries, or walking a pet.


Who can apply?

Any older adult aged 55 and over with a spare bedroom in their home is eligible for the program. Older couples or families living with -- and caring for -- an older adult are welcome to apply. please note that if you live in co-operative housing  you will need to ensure that having a student share your living space does not violate your tenancy agreement.

All participants are screened for approval by the Canada HomeShare team. When students and home providers join the program, they meet with professionals from our team who are dedicated to supporting both parties through their intergenerational housing journey. 


Students: Looking to live with an older adult?    Apply here!

Home Providers: Have an extra bedroom?          Host a student! 


HomeShare in the News

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Learn more about the Canada HomeShare program on their website.